Hanabi: on Mon Feb 1 20:08:17 2010

Darn it...go figure my little pieces hanging from my head piece were messed up and my choker was twisted...its an awsome picture. Thanks for taking it ^_^

Todd Eddy: on Mon Feb 1 20:23:54 2010

Well flag me down if I go next year and we can do a little photo shoot. Interestingly enough this picture was a PITA to get the colors right due to some photographical errors on my part. Glad to know the person that was in it enjoyed the picture :)

Todd Eddy: on Mon Feb 1 20:24:51 2010

And if I may ask, who were you cosplaying as? didn't look familiar to me?

<Anonymous>: on Wed Feb 3 19:00:9 2010

Good shot!

Hanabi: on Thu Feb 11 21:22:53 2010

This is Ashelia from Final Fantasy XII. It is her wedding dress. My husband was supposed be Lord Rasler but we didn't get his costume finished. Mine isn't perfect either, I was a little short on time with getting all the details finished correctly. We plan to get both of our costumes done by Youmacon though. I would love for you to take a picture of my group next year ^-^! We are doing a decent sized group from Zelda, and my husband and I might possibly be doing Vegeta & Bulma or Saiyaman and Saiyawoman from Dragonball Z too ^-^. Thanks again for the picture though. It makes me feel honored. You take good pictures.

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